Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bunny at the Barn and Splashin in the Sun

We love Easter at the barn and the bunny brought us some very fun things!

Planting our beans in the ground, and a few hours later we found....

 Bringing in the harvest!
 Finding eggs, that bunny can sure find good hiding spots!

 They'll be no blue Monday's in your Sunday Clothes!!!  Especially Easter Sunday Clothes!

 Is there anything cuter than this face?

 So handsome!

 Big mile stone!  Little Miss A is starting to walk!
Her left hip is not in it's socket all the way, but we are hopeful that with her walking it will fix itself!
We will find out in June so keep her in your prayers!

 Loves to give kisses....
My favorite part about Easter: Grandpa Sharon's Deviled Eggs!  Miss you Grandad! 
 We got to go to an Easter Shindig at Aunt D's house!  It was fun.  Little Miss A loved the swing!

 Mr. E played with Mr. P on the slides!

 Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt given by Aunt L and Aunt J!
 They gave out fun prizes!
 Especially to the adults!  These boys cleaned up!
 Grandpa Al and Grandma Susan!
 Given Papa those kisses!
 The whole crew!  Sure missed everyone that wasn't there!

 We had such great weather at the barn that we decided to go Splashin in the Sun!

 Time to try off!